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National Roadmap for the Hydrogen Development

National Roadmap for the Hydrogen Development

The Ministry of Innovation and Growth published yesterday a document entitled “Hydrogen Future for Bulgaria“, which is a National Roadmap for improving the conditions and unlocking the potential for the development of hydrogen technologies and hydrogen production mechanisms.

The development of the Hydrogen Roadmap is set as a reform in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP). The reform is a key prerequisite for meeting the goals of the Green Pact and decarbonising the economy, given the potential of hydrogen to replace fossil energy sources in the future economy. It is noted that the document has also been developed in line with the National Development Programme BULGARIA 2030, the Long Term Climate Change Mitigation Strategy 2050 of the Republic of Bulgaria, the Integrated Energy and Climate Plan of the Republic of Bulgaria/IPEC (forthcoming update June 2023), the Strategy for Transition to a Circular Economy of the Republic of Bulgaria for the period 2022-2027, The Strategic Vision for the Electricity Sector of the Republic of Bulgaria 2023-2053, the Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialisation (ISIS) 2021-2027, and will support the implementation of strategic reforms and investments set out in the NAPS and the implementation of the Territorial Fair Transition Plans (TFTP) and other programmes under the implementation of the Partnership Agreement.

The document will remain open for continuous actualization  given the dynamics in the sector and the need for continuous and gradual improvement of the regulatory framework, as well as the creation of a regulatory base where it is lacking.

The activities in this Roadmap cover the period 2023-2026, as the first stage of a long-term policy to promote the hydrogen economy with a horizon of the next ten years.


The Roadmap defines several operational objectives to develop and exploit the potential of hydrogen technologies.

  • Promote the consistent and efficient deployment of technologies for the production, transport and use of green hydrogen in industry, energy and transport;
  • Intensify research and innovation;
  • Create the conditions for education and training for new professions and jobs and for an informed consumer and administrative environment related to hydrogen technologies;
  • Stimulating European and international cooperation.

The development of an adequate and stimulating regulatory framework and the promotion of national and regional investment in the sector are horizontal conditions for the realisation of the objectives.

The operational objectives and the activities to implement them frame the process of hydrogen technology penetration in industry (mainly petrochemical, chemical and difficult to decarbonise sectors) and transport, which needs institutional support, accompanied by constant coordination and monitoring due to the dynamic and rapid development of this new and still little known matter.

Read more about the Ministry of Innovation and Growth’s views on hydrogen development in the country here.

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