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Electricity generation in 2022: record-high from lignite-fired and solar power plants

Electricity generation in 2022: record-high from lignite-fired and solar power plants

In 2022, country’s electricity generation amounted to 49 948 GWh or a 6.5% growth compared to the previous year according to ENTSOE operational data.

The 2021 upward trend observed in lignite-fired electricity generation (+22.9%) was maintained in 2022. During the colder months (January, February, March, November and December) lignite generated over 2 000 GWh (on monthly basis). Lignite coal domination in 2022 was irrefutable, with an increased share in the total electricity generation going from 40.3% (in 2021) to 46.5% (in 2022).

In contrast to lignite coal, other fossil fuel use for electricity generation dropped.

Hard coal used for electricity generation declined by 4%. The tension caused by disrupted natural gas supplies coupled with high gas prices in the first quarter of the year resulted in a 5.36% shrinkage of gas used for electricity generation in 2022.

A total of 26 374 GWh was generated from fossil fuels, a growth of 18.7% compared to 2021 and 54.2% compared to 2020.

Nuclear-based electricity generation maintained the levels of 2021 (16 461 GWh).

2022 turned out to be a rather lean year as regards hydro-based electricity generation. Numerous were the adverse factors: normative, as well as repairs and accidents in facilities. Hydro-source use for electricity generation decreased by 26% against 2021 and went down to 3 769 GWh.

The exceptionally sunny 2022 enabled PV power plants to generate 1 656 GWh in the course of the year which was a 15.9% growth compared to 2021. A record was marked in July with generation of over 200 GWh.

Wind-based electricity generation amounted to 1 402 GWh or a negligible growth of 1%.

Electricity generated from biomass totalled 250.3 GWh which was close to the previous year level for the same period while electricity generated from waste was 33.8 GWh (+21%).

Electricity Generation by sources, GWh

Electricity generation by sources, GWh

Gross consumption

Country’s gross consumption of electricity was 37 833 GWh, or a drop of 1.5% against 2021.

Gross electricity consumption. GWh

Gross electricity consumption. GWh

Import and export

Country’s electricity import decreased by 21.3% against 2021.

Export went up by 40.2% against the previous year.

The largest electricity quantities exported were directed towards Romania (3 652 GWh) or 56.5% higher export. Towards Serbia, export amounted to over 3 000 GWh. Export towards Turkiye doubled (2 296 GWh) while Greece received smaller quantities of electricity (1 956 GWh; -0.5%) from Bulgaria compared to last year.

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