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Eurelectric Power Summit 2023

Balance of Power

Energy has been at the top of the political agenda for the last 12 months. Climate change, prices and security are just some of the major challenges faced by our sector, which are creating a new Balance of Power.  One thing is certain, there is only one way forward: working together to enable unprecedented levels of clean and renewable electricity, transforming the past years’ challenges into opportunities to achieve Europe’s energy transition and security.

Don’t miss the chance to discuss with top policymakers and industry leaders at #PowerSummit23 :

  • How is the energy transition enhancing Europe’s security?
  • How do we square the circle of affordable energy and solid investment signals?
  • What are the latest projections in terms of decarbonisation and electrification?
  • How much of a market design rethink is needed?
  • How best do we engage customers and unlock demand-side flexibility?
  • How far have we progressed with the permitting speed-up?

All this and much more at #PowerSummit23